Take me back to that happy place,
I keep looking but there’s only empty space
In a flash I find myself utterly alone,
You have moved on while I wait like a stone.
Slap to the face how easily you moved on,
I’m stuck in this house and you are totally gone……

Stab my heart with a word
Say you lied but I heard
I know you say you’re sorry now
Had me fooled, take a bow
My heart aches with all those lies
As I struggle to sever all ties
Let me go you scary man
Beat me down cause you can
I’m walking away do not follow
I have nothing left, I am hollow
The sun shines far away
Whispering that I will be okay


I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…

Windsor & Newton gouache and Martha Stewart crystal fine glitter on Arches watercolor block


arctic-pack asked: Hey everyone, 😊 only about one month to go until Halloween. 🎃 Have you ever eaten pumpkin soup or anything else made of pumpkin?

I just like carving them and eating their seeds :p


arctic-pack asked: Would you ever spend a night alone in a haunted house? 👻

I would! Though I’d be scared lol but I’d check it out. I wouldn’t sleep. Just stay awake and film my adventure.


arctic-pack asked: Do you like to answer Tumblr-questions? :3 (I'm asking over 40 users a weekly question)

Sure :)

It’s very lonely bringing up a child on your own. — Diane Abbott (via kushandwizdom)

More good vibes here

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(via kushandwisdom)

•My angel•

I didn’t get to name you,
Or even hold you too.
I didn’t even see your face,
but you’ve rooted in place.
Inside my memory is where you live,
Cause you were a life I couldn’t give.
Nobody knew you except me,
And in my heart is where you’ll be.
I held you inside for as long as I could,
With you I didn’t get to experience motherhood.
I was the only one who cried,
When I found you had died.
Creator took you back to peace,
You had such a short, short lease.
10 weeks and you are gone,
I love you angel and you live on.
Deep in my heart and mind,
You are with creator who is kind.

R.I.P my angel Oct-Dec.24,2010
10 weeks pregnant before miscarried.

Butterflies dance inside my body and mind,
Screaming at the walls, being left behind.
Flame to a colorful wing,
Soft body struck with hard sting.
Banging their bodies against the trap,
Stuck here with this rising crap.
Higher and higher it climbs the walls,
Smaller and smaller are their desperate calls.
Seeing it coming but no place to hide,
Walking down this long, dirt road with no ride.
Trapped beings with needy battering wings,
No names because these are lost things.
Dark, dark and some more shades of dark.
Stark, stark and some more naked stark.